Where does Uklon work?

Uklon is ride-hailing service that moves your world. Move around the city by car, order delivery, call a driver for your car, or go to another city within the country. Enter the convenient Uklon application to order a car in a matter of seconds with the best price, the ability to choose the desired class of car, and the set conditions of the trip.

Where does Uklon work?

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What else can we help with

IT Consultation and Strategy Development


IT Consultation and Strategy Development

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  • Implementing solutions that align with your business goals, ensuring technology supports your growth and efficiency goals
  • Assessing the organisation’s technology needs
  • Create a tailored IT strategy

Cloud Migration and Management

  • Move your operations to the cloud
  • Help you manage your cloud resources
  • Optimise your infrastructure for scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency
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Strategic Planning Advisory Services

  • Help clients assess their network requirements
  • Develop a system implementation strategy in line with their business objectives, etc.
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Marketing Strategy Consultation

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  • Work with your business to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, including identifying the critical elements of a marketing plan
  • We are committed to helping you create a distinctive identity and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Digital Advertising Campaign Management

  • Digital Advertising Campaign Management
  • Our focus is on selecting the most effective digital media channels and types that are customized to your specific offerings, ensuring your marketing efforts are targeted and efficient
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CRM Software Implementation

  • We can assist your company in implementing robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions.
  • Our goal is to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and overall customer relationships by tailoring CRM strategies and software to meet your business’s unique needs and objectives.
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Payment Fraud Prevention


Fraud Detection

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  • We excel in real-time fraud detection through our cutting-edge system, enabling swift identification and mitigation of potential fraudulent activities
  • In doing so, we comply with the highest standards of personal data security.

Machine Learning and AI

  • Our anti-fraud solutions harness advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence.
  • We are constantly adapting to and becoming aware of new fraud trends, while exercising the utmost care when dealing with personal data.
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GDPR Compliance

  • Our steadfast dedication to GDPR compliance runs through the core of our operations.
  • We diligently apply stringent data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits, to fortify the safeguarding of personal data.
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